Custom Build Nook Furniture

Why Make Custom Furniture?

The nook area was maybe a couple inches short of a standard size, being just short of 6 feet long.  No stock items fit nicely into the area so they asked us if we could build custom nook furniture.  I had made some cabinets in the past, and like doing challenging things, so we agreed to make it.

Planning the Project

They gave us some pictures they had seen online as a basis for the work.  The design called for 2 benches with slanted backs that had a seat that swung up to reveal a storage area underneath.  The  design for our custom nook furniture called for 6 rounded feet on each bench and was painted white.

A project like this has to be thoroughly planned or you’ll waste a lot of time with missteps.  We made up our drawings and cut everything to size according to the plan.

Follow the Plan

We tried to make the storage area as roomy as possible.  It also had to be strong so a few people could sit on one bench without it eventually breaking down.  Our custom built nook furniture’s strength was accomplished by using solid poplar boards on the sides connected by frames front and back.  The frames gave strength to the structure while providing somewhere solid to connected the feet.

The back was also of solid wood tongue and grooved together for strength.  This allowed the back to be very shallow so the table size could be maximized.  The top was purchased as is and only need a polyurethane finish and was supported by a single leg on the outside.  This design allowed you to slide your feet under the table without having to maneuver your feet past the table legs.

The seat was also made of 1 solid board and hinged to a small board on towards the rear of the seat.  It ended up being both sturdy and heavy.  So heavy we didn’t install the backs until we brought the benches into the nook are.

A Beautiful Result

As it turned out it was a nice addition to their brand new kitchen that we had just installed.  The trim boards on the sides were similar to the trim boards on the new cabinets and the painte blended into the woodwork.  Please also see carpentry services.

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